Collaboration with

R. Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

 Terminal T1

Parking Enveloping System

Barcelona Airport


During the construction of T1 Terminal it was decided to add three storeys to the car park building in order to increase its capacity to meeting the latest regulations from AENA (Spanish Airports Authority).


The car park building became more noticeable, rising above the departures access level, which lead to the design of a new facade. The first façade  was intended to be completely open, and it included classical elements. It was replaced with a U-glass façade; a double curtain wall which allows ventilation to the car park between the glass profiles.


Openings for emergency access were provided every 25 metres. They were resolved using U-glass profiles forming geometrical compositions referencing the aesthetic language of the Taller de Arquitectura. The roof level and footbridges linking the car park with the terminal and the outdoor car parks were also newly designed.